Fit for Growth strategy


Creating Sustainable Growth

Our Fit for Growth strategy changes us from a technology-based player to a company focusing on the full customer experience. Our new culture, which puts customers and their needs at the heart of everything we do, is the starting and central point of this new strategy.

2015 was a remarkable year as we delivered – one year earlier than foreseen - on our promise to bring the company back to growth by 2016. The focus is now to further sustain this growth in a fast-changing world.

Transform & Develop

In line with our Fit for Growth strategy, aimed at becoming more efficient, agile and customer-centric, we identified five strategic transformation pillars: Customer Experience, Simplification, Efficient Organization, Brand Differentiation and Good-to-Gold Culture. Together, these pillars form a comprehensive approach of our transformation process, allowing us to concentrate our initiatives in the areas where they will be most effective in realizing our strategy for growth.

Invest & Innovate

Achieving our key strategic priorities of improving customer experience, reducing costs and becoming more efficient, requires investments in key areas such as our seamless networks & agile IT, convergent services & innovation, and the accelerated digitization of our company. These investments will enable us to increase market share and to create growth by delivering innovative solutions and best quality service. The customer is the driver behind every investment we make.

Customer Experience

Focusing on the end-to-end customer journey to deliver a best-in-class experience means being close to the customer in all areas: finding information, buying our solutions, getting the products & services installed and activated, using our solutions, receiving a simple invoice and having easy access to effective customer support. At every contact, we aim to ensure that customers feel they have our full attention.


We’re moving towards a simplified solutions portfolio, slimming down our legacy catalogue and offering pro-active pack migrations to future-proof, easy-to-use solutions that offer more advantages for business and retail customers. This is supported by the acceleration of digital transformation tools, systems and platforms improving the customer journey as well as our internal efficiency and cost reduction.

Efficient organisation

The restructuring of our organization is designed to make us more customer-centric. In 2015 we further optimized the structure of our business units to increase end-to-end accountability, and we improved operational excellence and synergy to foster innovation and growth and to help manage our workforce costs. Overall, our simpler, leaner organization concentrates on a policy of having the right people in the right place, thanks to increased mobility and flexibility, fostering faster decision-making, and optimizing our processes and costs through insourcing and more efficient task management.

Brand differentiation

Always Close to what matters

The new single commercial brand Proximus allows us to deliver a strong brand promise ‘Always close to what matters’. With this promise, we commit to bringing our customers closer to what is important to them, enabling them to stay in permanent contact with the world so they can live better and work smarter. This is what makes the Proximus brand different - a service guarantee backed up by the best quality network and offering best-in-class, easy-to-use solutions.

Besides the Proximus brand that stands for quality and service, we also continue the further development of Scarlet as our cost-conscious brand

Good to Gold culture

Competition in the Belgian telecom market is tougher than ever. Although we are market leader, we need to ensure sustainable growth. But in a saturated market, growth does not come from doing the same things the same way as before.People make the difference in a successful, growing company.

Moving forward together 

At Proximus, we already have the talent, the innovation and the infrastructure to succeed. What we need is the glue that will hold this together, the mindset shift that will create a winning culture and catalyse a concerted effort and belief in our growth throughout the organization, from top to bottom. This binding cultural change has been going on for a few years now, bringing us together and making us much more than the sum of our parts. 

Three values underlie our Good-to-Gold culture

Our new Good-to-Gold culture is transforming the cultural mentality in our company by placing the focus on our efforts centered around our values: Collaboration, Agility and Accountability. By embodying these three values we can concentrate on differentiating ourselves by really placing the customer at the heart of our business, thus stimulating ourselves to fulfil ever-higher customer expectations. With this Good-to-Gold principle in mind, we made significant progress, working as a single team and building a winning culture which stimulates us to move forward together.

Focus on coaching & feedback

The focus for the future lies mainly on coaching & feedback. After all, coaching and feedback are real levers for development and collaboration. By moving forward together in these areas, we will continuously evolve and make each other stronger.

Investments in networks and agile IT 

Our network investments are aimed at ensuring our position as the best convergent end-to-end service operator, enabling us to offer customers the best experience with the latest available technology. To achieve this key differentiation, our investment focus is in future-proof and agile networks.

We continue to listen to our customers’ needs and offer customized solutions. By simplifying the processes behind our solutions, projects are easier to implement and more cost efficient

Convergent Services & Innovation

When developing attractive convergent and secure solutions that our customers expect, we want to concentrate even more on bringing innovative solutions which have added value for our customers: meaningful innovation to make them live better and work smarter.

Digital Proximus

Our digital-native customer base is increasing year over year and is demanding for new digital capabilities in the interactions they have with us, always comparing us to best-in-class digital players. That’s why digitization will be a key enabler to increase our efficiency and to contain our costs.

Meaningful innovation

With the aim of preparing the company for the future, we want to develop attractive convergent solutions for our customers who more and more need to access their content and services, from any device, anywhere on any network and at any time. We want to concentrate even more on bringing to market innovative solutions which have added value for our customers and enable them to live better and work smarter.


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