Proximus enabling the Digital Economy

A must-seize opportunity

The Digital Economy, growing exponentially worldwide, is a must-seize opportunity for Belgium and Europe. The Digital Economy in Europe however is currently lagging behind those of other regions, mostly due to a much outdated regulatory framework. The necessary reforms entail a pro-investment review of the current Telecoms framework and the creation of a level-playing field in areas such as consumer protection and privacy, as to create a fair competitive environment for European companies.

Studies show that investments in telecom networks have a multiplier effect of 3 on the GDP they create in Belgium(1). Similarly, according to ETNO, investments in European networks can have a multiplier effect of 3 to even 13 on Europe’s GDP, if the necessary regulatory reforms are made(2).

Proximus’ strategy, underpinning the Digital Economy

As an industry player underpinning the Digital Economy, Proximus enables its growth in Belgium through the deployment of next-generation networks, maintaining its investments for the years to come. Also, we continuously innovate in our core as well as adjacent business domains as to create efficiencies for businesses and answer major societal issues.

Needless to say that boosting the Digital Economy in Belgium requires building trust in digital: cyber security, privacy and data integrity are key issues that Proximus will further address.

Investing in telecom means creating value for
the further digitalisation of our economy

Stefaan De Clerck, Chairman

Investing in next-generation networks

Networks and high-speed internet access are the foundations of our digital society. With the rise of the Internet- of -Things, we will have to cope with the increasing demand for capacity, speed and massive connectivity while enabling a diverse set of services, applications and users. The Digital Economy is thus dependent on the deployment of these next-generation networks to answer tomorrow’s needs.

Creating efficiencies for companies

Our continuous effort to develop innovative solutions, will undoubtedly further increase efficiencies for companies, positively impacting the growth in the Belgian market. Today, we already have figures substantiating the effect of the Digital Economy:

  • Companies see revenues increase by 8% thanks to telecom solutions (customer segmentation, geographic zones).
  • Companies note a 7% profitability increase thanks to cost savings through telecom solutions (for instance in supply chain and marketing).
  • SMEs report a profitability improvement of 15% thanks to telecom solutions.
  • Today, 58% of employees perform 75% of their work with connected tools.
  • Companies report 7% reduction in transport costs thanks to telecom solutions.

Developing innovative solutions answering societal needs

Proximus is developing the key building blocks of tomorrow’s digital world. We innovate in our core business domains (cloud, cyber security, collaboration, entertainment) and in adjacent areas (Big Data, Internet of Things).

Our role is to enable the Internet of Things (IoT) upon which our customers can build new, innovative services; such as Machine-to-Machine, “Smart Cities” and industry-specific applications.

We are member of the LoRa Alliance, an international initiative to guarantee the interoperability between telecom operators and the standardization of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs), essential for the further deployment of the IoT.

Educating and building trust in digital

Proximus is founding partner of the Belgian Cyber Security Coalition which gathers key actors from the public, private and academic sectors to raise capability and create awareness at all levels of society and economic activity.

Through SIXDOTS we are working closely with the leading Belgian banks to make safe internet transactions a reality. We aim to push this further for shared digital identity.

We also have a societal role to play, educating the public on the safe use of internet and reducing the digital divide.

Sources: (1)Belgian Telecom Landscape - (2)ETNO’s agenda for Europe