Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR Strategy

Our CSR strategy sets out to create shared values across our business and among our stakeholders. In exercising our activities, we aim to make an active contribution to economic, technical and social progress.

Our CSR strategy is based on three pillars: Education, Communities and Environment.

As a company committed to the integrity of its CSR principles, we ensure that our suppliers and subcontractors also apply CSR standards in their own activities.

Education Communities Environment

Safer Internet & Web Experts

for schools

Bednet & Take Off

for long-term sick children

Collect & recycle

for schools & customers

Smart Café

for all

Accessible devices

for disabled people

CO2 footprints reduction

for Proximus & customers

Proximus Foundation & Technobel

for unemployed youth

Medical research

Green products

for business customers

Raise CSR standards of our suppliers & contractors


We intend to ensure that our technologies become familiar to everyone so that they can be used easily and safely by all. Given that ICT is an important element in social inclusion, our aim is to reduce the digital gap in society, and ensure that every group can access ICT technology in a safe way, whether they are children, seniors, unemployed or otherwise disadvantaged.

Education on responsible use of the Internet

Proximus runs a program which sends our volunteers, trained by Child Focus, to teach 5th and 6th-year primary school children twice a year on how to safely use the internet.

Giving young people the tools to teach the older generation

Web Experts is an online initiative which encourages young people to share their knowledge of the Internet with the older generation.

Free training on getting the most out of ICT

Proximus offers in the Proximus Centers a wide range of relevant and useful training courses, completely free and open to everyone.

Supporting technology training and employment

Proximus supports specific and specialized training contributing to jobseekers’ skills and chances of gaining employment.


We put our technologies at the service of communities, especially sick children and people with disabilities.

Connecting long-term sick children with classmates and class

We offer free connectivity to partner associations Bednet and Take Off (French), to provide videoconference services for long-term sick children. This enables children not only to keep up social contacts with classmates, but also to continue with their schooling despite not being able to attend class.

Accessible devices for disabled people

We understand the importance of ensuring everyone has equal access to ICT solutions. We test the accessibility of our devices (smartphones, tablets, phones) with an independent panel of people with various disabilities in order to ensure the devices meet their specific needs. Accessible devices are identified by dedicated pictograms in our sales channels, and our online catalogue contains information on which devices are suitable for use by people with a disability.

A warm gesture for the homeless

During the winter we make a building available in Brussels to give the homeless overnight shelter, a warm place to sleep and sanitary facilities. We also collaborate with our partner Samusocial (French only) that provides breakfast and a warm evening meal.

Are you responsible for an organization or event and interested in being part of our CSR activities?


As a forward-thinking telecommunications provider, Proximus embraces the opportunity to play a major role in environmental protection, specifically in the move towards a low-carbon society. We are committed to drastically reducing our environmental footprint, to helping our customers reduce theirs and to generating awareness among our wide range of stakeholders.

Towards a low-carbon society

Energy savings across our fleet, strong promotion of public transport among our employees, the use of renewable energy and a policy of improving energy efficiency in our buildings, networks and data centers have all contributed to reducing our carbon footprint.  Since 2007, we have already managed to reduce our CO2 emissions by 68%. Our ambition is to reach 70% reduction by 2020.

Proximus also offers dozens of solutions that can help towards a sustainable future by reducing customers’ cost, transport and energy footprints.

Mobile phone recycling

Recycling or reusing mobile phones allows us to reduce the energy and material resources spent on producing new devices/replacement units and to offer cheaper access to mobile technology for those who cannot afford brand-new phones. We run a mobile phone recycling program which, along with the action of GoodPlanet Belgium (aimed at schools), collected some 70,000 phones up until present day.

In collaboration with GoodPlanet Belgium (French only) and Recupel, our mobile phone collection campaign in Flemish schools has proven a great success in the past, and it was therefore extended. The participating schools receive a recognition award of equipment such as ‘second-life’ recycled tablets or computers.

Eco-efficient Proximus TV-decoders

In recent years, we have taken several measures to reduce the energy consumption of our Proximus TV-decoders. Our two latest models are ranked among the most energy-efficient on the market. We also signed the EU Code of Conduct on energy efficiency and the EU's voluntary agreement on ecodesign. 

Raise CSR standards of our suppliers and contractors

Proximus works with some 5,000 suppliers of products and services every year, and together we endeavor to adhere to the CSR standards on labor, ethics, safety and environment throughout our whole supply chain. This can be accomplished by raising their CSR performance and improving their own supply chain management while increasing our own efficiency.

In doing so, we not only improve our brand image, but above all bring about positive change in the communities in which our suppliers operate.

Our key priorities

  • Increase the CSR standards of our suppliers
  • Integrate CSR in purchasing and selection criteria

These CSR standards are included in the contracts with suppliers through the CSR Clause.

RFx documents with relevant sustainability criteria are available as standard for purchasers. Suppliers with a specific risk profile or with a high contract value are evaluated on their CSR performance. In the vendor performance report, we have a regular "sustainability" section, in addition to the items about delivery reliability, quality and engagement vis-à-vis Proximus.

Proximus is a member of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC), along with 9 other telecom companies. Since 2010, hundreds of on-site company audits have been performed worldwide, the results of which are divided up among the JAC members. After a first audit, regular checks are carried out on suppliers that do not meet the standards that have been set.

Every year, a "Supplier Day" is held, during which Proximus honors the most remarkable success stories of its suppliers in the categories Innovation, Sustainability and Quality and Safety of Delivery. In the past two years, the award for sustainability has gone to local logistics service providers.

The CSR selection and qualification process is described in more detail on the Suppliers portal.

The CSR Governance

At Proximus, our mission, our corporate values of Collaboration, Agility and Accountability, our Corporate Governance Charter, our Code of Conduct and our Compliance Office and Policies all underpin our commitment to responsible business and Corporate Social Responsibility. Furthermore, our corporate strategy has been defined to ensure sustainable growth. 

Our internal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) governance and reporting structure is comprised of three entities: the Executive Committee, the CSR team, and representatives in each business unit responsible for implementing action plans.

Given its close links with our retail customers, the CSR team has become part of the Marketing & Communication division of the Consumer Business Unit, while also maintaining a transversal role across the organization. The CSR Manager reports regularly to the Executive Committee via the Chief Corporate Affairs Officer.